Indeterminated plants of the Botanical Garden Halle

This page shows some plants grown in the Botanical Garden that could not yet readily been identified. If you know the plants we would highly appreciate your comments on these plants.

Pitcairnia aff. macranthera
This plant is from Ecuador, province Imbabura, close to Guadual. It is about 1 m in height and has a short basal stem. It seems to grow as a sympodium. The petiole is densely covered with dark and short, about 2-3 mm long, spines. The leaf blade margin is entire, the leaf itself glabrous.
The scape, floral bracts and sepals are densely covered with brown floccose (many branched) hairs. The petal are also covered with floccose hairs but more loosely. Sepal are unequal in length and about 50 mm long. In total the flower is 115 mm long.
The flower opens during night and wilts in the morning. After wilting, the flower is reflexed.

Photos and text: (c) Matthias H. Hoffmann, 2003-2004
Matthias H. Hoffmann